The Bull Shooters club is a newer small club of dedicated bullseye shooters.  The club was started about 1990 in the Chicago Heights area and was then known as Vicari's. In 1999, due to a change in times and our home range closing, we relocated to the Midlothian P.D. range and are now known as the Bull Shooters.

We encourage experienced and new shooters to take the opportunity to enjoy the sport and join our club.  The season runs September through April. The matches are held one night during the week alternating at the home range and at three other ranges.  At the season's end, there is a league banquet for individual and team trophies, prizes and a good time.

On a much smaller scale, the Bull Shooters have a season end and pre-season pizza meeting to review the previous year and plan for the new match schedule.

Please contact us if you are interested in further details and possibly joining our club.  We welcome all sports people!