2107 - 2018 Schedule  
  NRA Indoor Precision Pistol Matches for League Members - - Bullseye!  
    All shooters will use an Empty Chamber Indicator upon Range Officer's command.            
    No guns are to be uncased prior to the command starting 3 minute prep . You can          
    open the box, set-up the scope, load magazines, but all guns remain in the box/case/bag!!        
    The same is true between 22 and CF matches - all guns are to be cased upon command        
    at the end of 22 and no gun will be uncased until the next 3 minute prep is begun by the RO      
  TEAM Home                        
  Match Sign-in     RESTRICTIONS ON ALL RANGES    
  Night Time Curfew Range Home team cannot shoot before posted sign-in time
  AH ARLINGTON HTS Mon/Tue 5:00 - 8:15 9:45pm Article II unless a visiting team member is present    
  BS BULLSHOOTERS Mon 6:00 - 8:30 Midlothian CCW is to remain concealed at all times      
  CR CHICAGO RIFLE Mon 5:30 - 8:30 9:45pm Maxon's Sign-in all ledgers at the front desk before each match
  LS LEADSLINGERS Mon 5:30 - 8:30 9:45pm Maxon's No tracer or incendiary rounds on any range    
  NW NORTHWEST Thu 5:00 - 8:30 9:45pm Article II Ear & eye protection required    
  Rs REBELS Wed 6:00 - 8:30 Midlothian Curfew is strict at Maxon's & Article II      
  Match Week of                          
  Week Monday Travel Home Travel Home Travel Home Bye Weeks  
  1 09/25/17 AH CR BS LS NW at Rs see 04/04              
  2 10/02/17 CR BS LS NW AH Rs              
  3 10/09/17 BS NW CR AH Rs LS             AH Tue
  4 10/16/17 CR NW LS Rs AH BS              
  5 10/23/17 BS CR AH LS Rs NW              
  6 10/30/17 CR Rs LS AH NW BS             AH Tue
  7 11/06/17 BS AH CR LS             NW Rs AH Mon
  8 11/13/17 LS CR NW AH Rs BS             AH Tue
    11/20/17 Thanksgiving week    
  9 11/27/17 Rs CR NW LS     AH BS          
  10 12/04/17 BS Rs AH NW         CR LS      
  11 12/11/17 NW CR Rs AH LS BS             AH Tue
    Tue 12/19 Revolver Fun Match at Elgin Rifle Club - see emailed flyer    
    12/25/17 Christmas week    
    01/01/18 New Year's week    
  12 01/08/18 Rs CR NW LS AH BS              
  13 01/15/18 CR AH LS NW BS Rs             AH Mon
  14 01/22/18 AH CR BS LS Rs NW              
  15 01/29/18 CR at Rs postponed LS AH NW BS     CR     Rs AH Tue
    02/05/18 Club reps meeting week - Tue Feb 6, 7pm - Manny's on St Charles Road    
  16 02/12/18 BS NW Rs AH         CR LS     AH Tue
  17 02/19/18 CR BS LS at Rs postponed AH NW       LS   Rs  
  18 02/26/18 BS CR Rs LS NW AH             AH Mon
  19 03/05/18 AH ar Rs postponed CR LS     AH BS     NW Rs  
  20 03/12/18 LS CR NW Rs BS AH             AH Tue
  21 03/19/18 CR NW LS BS AH Rs              
  22 03/26/18 NW CR AH LS Rs BS              
  23 04/02/18 NW Rs         AH BS CR LS      
  24 04/09/18 Make-ups/tiebreakers                    
  25 04/16/18 Make-ups/tiebreakers                    
    04/23/18 Make-ups/tiebreakers                    
  Sunday 04/29/18 Season-ending banquet - Allegra Banquets, St. Charles Road, Villa Park, 12 - 4pm  
      Match postponed - no heat in range   Tentative make-up - depends on heat-weather!  
    Sun 05/13/18 Mother's Day  
      Travel Home Travel Home Travel Home Bye Weeks  
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